Memorial Day

“Dear Karen Rinehart,

Memorial Day is the day we remember all who have served in our Armed Forces. For those soldiers, we give the utmost respect and gratitude for their service. Thank you.  In the time this weekend that you are not celebrating with loved ones, we invite you to come by and take advantage of the Luxury Opportunity to get into a New Lexus vehicle….”

I waited two full days to let my disgust simmer. And because too many Americans are so easily offended these days, I worried about offending this guy, you, my Twitter feed and the neighbor’s cat.

I’m over that now. Here’s my response:

Actually, Mr. Watson, Memorial Day is to remember members of the United States Military who DIED WHILE IN SERVICE to our country. On the battlefield. While in uniform. While on active duty.

Before you use the blood of our fellow Americans to sell me a car, perhaps you study our American history.
Karen J Rinehart
This Saturday afternoon, Scott and I dug deep for courage and self respect and headed out to test drive Toyotas. After five minutes of sticking our noses on car windows and crying over sticker prices, we figured the dealership must be closed, as no one had accosted us yet. I walked over to the door to double the check their hours. Sure enough, they closed at 4:30 on Saturdays. I was surprised–I mean, wouldn’t this be prime car shopping time for folks like us who work all week then do yard work all day Saturday? But I was even more surprised when I read the sign taped to the door.
And though I really wanted to check this chore off my to-do list while I was mentally prepared, I was filled with respect for this dealership. Plus, I thought, they must have some really happy employees; so I’ll suck up the courage to return.
I’m not alone in being tired of being offensive by just breathing. The genius behind the comic, Pearls Before Swine, illustrates this better than I ever could. For instance, here. 

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