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“Intelligent, poignant, self-deprecating approach to personal experiences that affect all of us. Karen writes in a way you’d want her on your, ‘Make sure I talk to her once a day!’ list…Funny and important.” –Steve Young, Award-Winning Sitcom Writer, Author, Columnist, National Lampoon Political Editor
“From the very first chapter, I found myself laughing and nodding – I always admire authors’ abilities to capture in words the emotions that run through my mind. In Invisible Underwear, Bus Stop Mommies and Other Things True to Life I know that you will, as I did, find yourself relating to so many of the stories.”
— Lisa Hendey, Founder,

The Bus Stop Mommies: Volume I
Invisible Underwear, Bus Stop Mommies and Other Things True to Life
Kinda like the original, out of print paperback, but with far better editing. Finally, something truly more filling but with fewer calories.

“Author Karen Rinehart is the kind of person we would all love as a next-door neighbor.  As a successful humor columnist, she’s realized one of the most laughable things in this world is life and how we live it. And in this snappy, peppy and oh-so-funny book, readers will laugh out loud at some of her observations and first-hand accounts. Yet, one of the most rewarding things about this book is that readers will know beyond a doubt that they are not alone. This book reminds us that even though our lives may seem abnormal, we’re probably more normal than we think. Every reader will be able to see herself in these pages. Besides, Karen gives a perfectly wonderful tip about Pine Sol that you won’t want to miss! This reviewer raises a cup of Starbucks coffee in a toast to Karen Rinehart for telling us it’s all going to be okay.”
— Joyce Handzo, In The Library Review

Amazon Prime members can read this volume via Kindle’s lending library for free!

For the rest of us mere mortals, it’s only $4.99. What’s better than a thoughtful, timeless, last minute gift with free, instant delivery for under 5 bucks?
Make someone happy today, won’t you?

Order here, please.


Sadly, someday you will need this book. Concise and practical, author Karen Rinehart is like a friend who takes you by the hand and stays with you during the toughest ordeals of a lifetime: caring for ailing loved ones. When emergency strikes, you don’t have to reinvent the wheel. Rather, you are prepared in the best possible way. Buy the book.”
~Suzette Martinez Stranding, Award Winning Author, Newspaper Columnist, Caregiver
“A must-have book for caregivers everywhere.”
~Dale Carter, MBA, Founder, Transition Aging Parent“Great information presented in an easy to read and humorous format, full of the wit we have come to enjoy from gifted writer & columnist Karen Rinehart.   It is a reminder that when panic sets in, we all forget the most basic things. This book is a must for every hospital gift shop and doctor’s waiting room.”
~Kelly Ritacco, Been There Done That in Rhode Island

What are you waiting for? Get a copy for yourself and each of your siblings-I mean, you want to share the burden, er, love with them, right? Besides, it’s only 99 Cents! A way better deal than having to draw someone’s name out of the basket for the Christmas exchange.

Order e-books here, please.

Next up: The Bus Stop Mommies Volume II: I’m Not Old Enough For THAT! and Knitting With Bald Women: The How-To Guide For Becoming a Chemo Chick or Someone Who Loves HerCheck back often. Better yet, use that Subscribe button —–>

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