February 2007 Karen and Mel in Mtns 023Hi! I’m BACK! After moving three times in three years I’ve learned a few things.
1. Once a Bus Stop Mommy, Always a Bus Stop Mommy
2. Some things never change–present themselves in modern form? Sure, but the themes remain.
3. Life is too short for cheap toilet paper.
(Also? I don’t look that young and perky and wrinkle free, and those jeans don’t fit anymore but I still like the photo so let’s all live in denial a wee bit longer okaythanks.)
Quasi-Obligatory 3rd Person Bio (bleh):
Retired after 10 years as an award winning syndicated columnist, Karen is the creator of Sick Of Pink, a blog documenting her best friend’s chemo journey and the on-going abuse of the color pink. 
Rinehart writes and speaks about life in the Sandwich Generation as a daughter, wife, mom, sister, niece, friend, sorority girl, dog owner and wine drinker (not necessarily in that order).
Her videos, blogs and columns full of popular and often shameless yet useful observations on life are found on websites the world over, like that YouTube thing. After much kicking and screaming, Karen was forced to admit she likesPinterest. Rinehart lives South Bend, Indiana, with her husband and Mini Dachshunds. Old and newbooks are a mere click away!
Okay, from now on, no more of this third-person speakish. (I like to make up words, btw.)
See you on the corner!

One thought on “Home

  1. I’m stuck in a three-layered club sandwich of my own. And I’m the turkey!

    I have no idea what that means, but I liked the rhythm of it so I didn’t edit out. I’ve always been the turkey of my stories. Making fun of myself tickles my writer’s voice.

    Which feels like its going to be a problem as I’ve started to write a serious blog. I’ve found myself in an assisted-living residence where I’m at least twenty years younger than most of the other folks. And the only way I know how to survive the experience is to write about it.

    You’ll know how well I’ve survived if you read my blog at http://www.greyingpanther.wordpress.com

    Wish me luck. BTW, who’s the gorgeous lady in the sunglasses?

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