Hanging in the Hospital Again.

If you’ve followed me in the past or have a print or digital copy of, Knitting With Hospital Gloves, you’ll know a few facts:

1. My dad is a repeat heart patient.
2. I preach remembering to bring charging cables with you when you go to the hospital.
3. Sippy Cups are not reserved for children.


So this morning I’m walking out the door to spend the day in my dad’s hospital pack muled down with my knitting, carton of gluten free butternut squash soup, Scottish chocolate cookies from for dad, my laptop and laptop charger, hand lotion, purse, backpack, hankie, olives, phone, reading glasses, HDMI cable, Flip camera, extra pony tail accessories, mints, book outline, manicure set, flowers for the nurses and car keys.

“Crap I have to go back in and get my phone charger!”
“I have mine,” says my son to whom I’d just handed a copy of (now only 99 cents!)¬†Knitting With Hospital Gloves. You know, with the *** list of What Not To Forget there on page 16.



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