Baby Boy Turns 27

13404032_10210033714183598_7428103994681146901_o27 years ago this guy made me a mom. He arrived almost 2 weeks late. Today I am happy to report he is quite punctual. He is also crazy intelligent while at the same time possessing an astonishing amount of common sense.

My baby boy has grown into a man with a soft and servant’s heart for the earth, animals and humans- especially his grandparents and little sister. His sense of humor was also late in arriving but often as I’m spitting wine onto my newly cleaned carpet from his quick wit it’s as if the serious little kid never existed.


He is a culinary genius in the kitchen (cleans up after himself too), a dapper dresser (ahem, Scottish roots), irons better than me and come winter, without me asking, never leaves his mama without a stack of freshly split firewood.

Someday, I have informed him, his wife will thank me for raising such an helpful man, but for today, I’m giving the Birthday Boy credit for growing into the respected, fun, never been arrested, bright and multifaceted son, brother, grad student, grandson, colleague, employee and child of God.

Happy Birthday, Morgan Scott Martin Rinehart! Mama loves you (and is only a wee bit sorry for embarrassing you in public).

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