I’m Not Ready for That! (Am I ???)

latest book jacketHere it is–my latest book! Woot–look at me–I sacrificed all that fun ironing, jogging, grout scrubbing and freshly defrosted dog poop scooping to once again park myself at my desk and act like a coherent professional.

Miracle, I tell you. It’s a miracle! Also, my husband has taken to ironing his own shirts for work. (snarf, evil laugh)

One of the things I’ve always loved reading in a book is the dedication. I mean, this is a big deal. Can you imagine flipping through and seeing your name–knowing everyone else who reads the book will see your name too? See? Big deal! So, on that note, here’s your big deal:

This book is dedicated to You. Yes You–the mom who:

~Woke up this morning with your mother’s hands (I swear my veins were smooth last night and what’s that brown spot?)

~Has a calendar alarm reading, “High School Orientation, 7pm”

~Is weeping over the Inexperienced Driver car insurance rates threatening to cut into both the wine and Botox budgets

~ Just when you thought you had this Older, Wiser, Self Confident Mom thing down, opened that Perfect Family’s holiday letter and gained a newfound sense of insecurity

~ Believed your all time level of loathing gravity couldn’t go any higher then you took a closer look at your knees.

~Clicks “like” on memes that say, “Who Replaced Me With A Grownup?”

~Saw Impostor Mom take her place at High School graduations and college orientations

Then this book is for you. You’ll laugh. Maybe get nostalgic (okay you will). Reach for the wine. And as always, realize you’re normal.
And not at all alone.

Love, Karen (who is probably out in the back yard with a large shovel)

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