Sandwich duJour: Proud Alpha Chi Omega

AXOASDear Judgmental, Testosterone Overloaded, Egotistical, Sportscasters who take joy in publicly mocking bright, philanthropic, All American Collegians doing absolutely nothing inappropriate at an All American baseball game:

I have a tiny task for you.

Go to your satellite feed and find the pregame video of tonight’s Notre Dame at Clemson football game.  Got it? Cool. Now cue up to the National Anthem. You know that one, right? The one you learned before Kindergarten? The one your dad taught you take your hat off for? The one that made your mom tear up every time she put her hand over her heart to sing it? The one song across this divided country of ours that unites us? Yeah that one. You got it on your monitor now? Cool.

Now I dare you to publicly mock the disrespectful, inappropriate male Americans who just spent the entire length of our National Anthem ignoring it. For starters, let’s look Left of screen: The POLICE OFFICER (they’re wearing those bright yellow reflective coats that say “POLICE”) who, with his back to the flag, is yakking to someone and laughing. The ESPN (they’re wearing those big shiny reflective vests that say ESPN) employees (I think they’re also in the Sports Broadcast business, yes?) who are turned every which way but towards the flag. There’s that one guy, on the right, see him? The one chomping his gum with his mouth open looking to the left and everywhere but the flag? How about the guys behind and around the Gum Chomper? The ones yakking or yawning or scratching or doing ANYTHING BUT respecting the flag of our country and our National Anthem. See them?

There are Clemson band members and other collegians on the field in the pouring rain honoring our flag. Our nation. Our freedom. Our national anthem.

And these grown men–POLICE, ESPN EMPLOYEES and other ELITE ACCESS to the secure and/or prime areas of the venue–these MEN (I hope their mamas weren’t watching) are doing everything BUT honoring our Flag.  They’d probably be taking selfies too if it weren’t raining.

So if you need to, go ahead and watch it again.  In all fairness to the women of Alpha Chi Omega and respectful Americans everywhere, I’ll be waiting for you to be consistent with your vital fan observations and call out these guys for the unpatriotic, inattentive, disrespectful grown men that they are.

Karen J Rinehart

Together Let Us Seek The Heights





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