February 2007 Karen and Mel in Mtns 023After 10 years as an award-winning syndicated newspaper columnist dubbed, “A 21st century Erma Bombeck”, Karen retired her column to focus on The Sandwich Generation–something in which she unwittingly became not just a member but an expert–especially in the area of becoming an Instant Caregiver.Rinehart writes and speaks about life in the Sandwich Generation as a daughter, wife, mom, sister, friend, sorority girl, dog owner and wine drinker (not necessarily in that order).
She’s the creator of, Sick Of Pink, a blog documenting her best friend’s chemo journey and the on-going abuse of the color pink.
Her videos, blogs and columns full of popular and often shameless yet useful observations on life are found on websites the world over. Even onYouTube (go figure).After much kicking and screaming, Karen’s forced to admit she’s addicted to Pinterest.Karen recently followed her husband from Charlotte, North Carolina to South Bend, Indiana, where she added to her Sandwich Ingredients: Midwesterner; Commuter Mom and Collegiate Sports Widow. And poor. She’s poor again.Miss The Bus Stop Mommies? No fear, we can all relive life on the corner since Karen’s fabulously entertaining AND essential, can’t live without books are a mere click away!

Hello? Did you really make it through that bio without gagging? I didn’t and it’s about me.
So I fired My People and reclaimed my voice.
No more of this third-person speakish. (I like to make up words, btw.)

From now on it’s me, talking to you, about me and my crazy life here in the Sandwich Generation.
Don’t worry; I’ll be talking about a LOT more than just me so be nice or I’ll talk about you too. Who am I kidding? I’m going to talk about you even if you are nice. I mean, if you gave me a million dollars–which would be a very nice thing to do–you bet I’m going to talk about you! So after you write that check, if there’s anything else you want to chat about, give me a shout–I’d love to hear from you!

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